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Andre Gregory


Andre Gregory

ANDRÉ GREGORY is a director, an impresario, a painter, a storyteller, maybe a fabulist, and always an artist. THIS IS NOT MY MEMOIR reveals Andre’s sublime talent, his ability to look, to really see, and ultimately just be. My experiences with Andre profoundly shaped my growth as an actor; reading this book is a reminder of the urgency of seeking yourself in your life and your art.

Adventure. Compassion. Hatred. Money. Friendship. Marriage. Theatre. Failure. Beauty. Revelation. Cinema. Success. Death. Creation. And re-creation. This is a remarkable story, of a life so deeply lived.

André Gregory's art has always rested on a unique mix of avant-garde audacity and aristocratic charm, not to mention anecdotal flair. All of those elements are irresistibly on display in what is not his autobiography.

Reading this book was like having André sit by my side and tell me the stories of his life. Heartfelt, honest, insightful, and inspiring stories all told by the great storyteller himself.

André Gregory has lived a life in the theatre filled with wildly uncalculated risks, thrilling successes, dazzling failures (at least as interesting) — and endlessly fascinating memories. He is and always has been the boldest hero of our avant-garde.

True to the title, Andre Gregory hasn't written a memoir, but a confession. I never knew brutal honesty could be so romantic and inspiring. It's a testament to a fearless artist and a fascinating man.

André Gregory has made a career of artistic risks: arbitrary, baffling, passionate, and incredibly funny risks. This Is Not My Memoir is a loving scorecard of how those risks played out — and, best of all, when they did not.

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